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Ice Melt is our basic ice melting product. It contains solarized sodium chloride. Most of our competition imports sodium chloride from other countries on barges exposing the sodium chloride to the elements. This gives the sodium chloride a high moisture content causing it to clump and making it difficult to spread. Ice Melt contains sodium chloride which is solarized and packaged immediately ensuring an extremely low moisture content.

Recommended Usage:

-9 degrees Celsius (24F)
1 bag (25 Kg) covers approximately 80m2 (860 ft2)

General Application Directions

Ice melting products should be spread evenly on surfaces. As the ice melting products begin to melt ice and snow, water and slush should be removed as soon as possible in order to reduce potential damage to paved surfaces due to increased freeze thaw cycles.

Product disclaimer

Ice melting product may cause premature discolouration of poorly constructed and poorly maintained concrete. Application of any ice melting product will increase freeze thaw cycles which can damage concrete and paved surface that are improperly maintained. To help minimize damage caused by freeze thaw, please ensure concrete surfaces are properly maintained.